Kingsley Chimezie

Software Engineer & Content Creator

Welcome to my professional journey—where technology meets passion, and every project is an opportunity to create something exceptional.


Based in the Republic of Ireland ☘

Experienced Frontend Engineer & Content Creator

Greetings, I’m Kingsley Chimezie (pronounced Chi-may-zee), a dynamic professional driven by a profound enthusiasm for technology, multimedia, and business. In 2018, I earned a BSc Honours in Computer Science (Infrastructure) from Technology University Dublin, marking the commencement of my journey into the diverse realms of technology and innovation.

Whether orchestrating seamless software solutions, crafting engaging multimedia content, or facilitating technical services and sales, I approach each endeavour with ambition and a dedication to surpassing expectations. As an ambitious individual, I continuously seek opportunities to contribute my passion and expertise to the intersection of technology and business, driving meaningful innovation.

Kingsley Chimezie Creations

The business name behind all my content creations, i.e. YouTube videos.

Kingsley Media Productions

Founder & Owner
Irish registered business providing web and multimedia development services throughout Ireland and worldwide.

CIEK Technology Ireland

Founder & Owner
CIEK ("seek") Technology Ireland is an Irish registered business, specialising in providing a wide range of computer technology services and products.


With a robust foundation in Software Engineering, Web Development, Multimedia Content Creation, and Technical Services & Sales, I bring a holistic skill set to the table. My commitment to excellence is unwavering, and I take immense pride in delivering top-tier quality across all facets of my work.

Based in Ireland, available worldwide.