Ambitious individual with a keen interest and passion for technology, multimedia and business. I Graduated from Technology University Dublin in 2018, with a BSc Honours in Computer Science (Infrastructure). With a background in Software Engineering, Web Development, and Multimedia Content Creation, I consistently deliver high-quality results. From seamless software solutions to engaging multimedia content, I bring ambition and dedication to every project.


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  • Senior Software Engineer (Frontend)
  • Genesys
  • Remote | Galway, Ireland
  • September 2022 → Present

    As a Senior Frontend Software Engineer, I play a pivotal role in the redevelopment of a critical admin panel used organisation-wide. Functioning as a lead developer, I leverage my expertise in React and implement robust solutions that enhance the efficiency and user experience of our core administrative tools.

    Key Achievements and Responsibilities:
  • Admin Panel Reconstruction: Spearheading the redevelopment efforts, I help lead the team in the reconstruction of the core admin panel. This involves a comprehensive overhaul of the user interface using PrimeReact, ensuring a modern and responsive design that aligns with industry best practices.

  • Testing Excellence: Recognising the importance of quality assurance, I am committed to maintaining the reliability and functionality of our applications. I meticulously write tests for all components, utilising Vitest to ensure comprehensive test coverage. This proactive approach has significantly reduced the occurrence of bugs and improved the overall stability of the admin panel.

  • Authentication Challenges: Faced with the unique challenge of integrating Okta authentication with React, I successfully navigated through complexities to establish a seamless and secure authentication process. This involved a deep understanding of both Okta and React, highlighting my problem-solving skills and adaptability.

  • Dependency Management: Aiming for a streamlined and up-to-date project, I actively manage all packages and dependencies. Regularly updating the project ensures that we benefit from the latest features, security patches, and performance enhancements, contributing to the long-term sustainability of our applications.
  • By combining technical proficiency with strategic problem-solving, I have played a pivotal role in advancing the development of our core admin panel, elevating its functionality and user experience.

  • As a freelance professional, I offer a comprehensive range of web and multimedia services tailored to clients' needs. My expertise includes:
  • Website Design & Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Social Media Integration/Management
  • Videography
  • Video Post-Production
  • Photography
  • Specialising in frontend development, I build and deploy dynamic websites and applications using cutting-edge technologies such as React, Angular, and WordPress CMS. My goal is to bring creativity and functionality together to deliver compelling digital experiences.

  • Processing all services, such as repairing and maintaining devices and peripherals.
  • Performing business negotiations with reputable suppliers worldwide, for parts and products.
  • Organising and processing service tickets and invoices for all customers using enterprise software available for repair stores and technicians.
  • Developing and maintaining the website www.ciektech.ie / www.ciek.tech.
  • Maintaining all Social media sites and online store for selling products.
  • Understanding various business laws in regard to customers, goods and services.
  • Packaging and dispatching parcels to customers.

  • Software Support Engineer (Frontend)
  • New Relic
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • February 2021 → September 2022
  • I provided expert software support to developers of major enterprise companies, helping them to integrate New Relic’s products with their applications.
  • I started as a .NET Technical Support Engineer, specifically working with .NET Framework applications and the integration with New Relic’s .NET agent.
  • Due to my experience in Frontend Development, I am now part of a newly formed Frontend support team, working as one of the only two Subject Matter Expert (SME) in EMEA.
  • As a part of the Frontend Support Team, I help provide expert support to developers working with New Relic’s Browser agent, Synthetics Monitor and Containerised Private Minions (CPM).
  • I work closely with Frontend frameworks, libraries, and their integration with New Relic Browser agent and API - i.e. Angular, React and Vue.
  • Weekly meetings with New Relic Browser agent developers to discuss about issues or features relating to the product.
  • New Relic transitioned to a new Support Platform, this in turn took away a key tool for the global support team. I built a JavaScript project, ultimately a Chrome extension, to help bring back the same tool with more features.

  • Software Development Engineer I
  • Mastercard
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • July 2018 → January 2020
  • Part of an agile (scrum) team, helping in the development and maintenance of a complex framework for securing API’s for application teams across the organisation.
  • Lead developer for two major projects: Redesign and features implementation of a frontend UI. Designed and created a system for monitoring important features of 48 application VMs.
  • Brought up code coverage on four major Java applications by writing unit tests (Junit 5).
  • Committee Member of Young Professionals (YoPros) Business Resource Group at Mastercard Ireland.
  • Videographer and Video Editor for Mastercard Ireland’s Tech Leadership Network (TLN) and Annual Intercultural Day.
  • Creator of We Are Mastercard, a video project that showcases diversity within Mastercard Ireland.

  • Software Engineering Intern
  • Mastercard
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • January 2017 → August 2017
  • Part of an agile (scrum) team, primarily worked with Java, Maven, Spring, Spring Boot and Angular. Also worked a lot on UNIX servers for our applications and databases; creating Bash scripts for various use cases such monitoring and testing.
  • First developer within my team to Introduce PrimeNG with Angular, which was later adopted by the rest of the team.
  • Involved in Mastercard’s global Tech Leadership Network (TLN), helped organise monthly tech talks and recorded videos.
  • Gave my own TLN Tech Talk presentation on Videography and Video editing 101.

  • Technical Sales Consultant
  • Dixons Carphone
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • September 2015 → December 2016
  • Worked in a team and independently to provide product sales and knowledge to customers.
  • Demonstrated advance product and sales knowledge.
  • Consistently completed high daily and weekly targets, especially during busy periods.
  • Provided comprehensive on-boarding training for new hires.


Recent Personal Projects

Software & Web Development

  • A web app that allows user to manger Cloudflare Zones.
  • Cloudflarify is a spin off extension to cloudflare-delete-all-dns. This project is a freemium web application used for managing DNS records, by providing advance authentication and data table to view, amend and delete records.

  • The core technologies used to build this app includes React for the frontend; a Firebase backend; Vite & Vitest for build and testing; PrimeReact for UI components; Redux with RTK Query for state management, data fetching (APIs) & caching.

  • This project is a web app that provides the ability to bulk delete Cloudflare DNS records within a Zone. Cloudflare does not currently support this feature.

  • Gives users the ability to integrate an animated sticky navigation bar with the free version of Astra WordPress themes.
    Demo Video 2.

  • Sample apps and a custom YAML config to set up Firebase hosting and deployment with Bitbucket CI/CD pipelines.

  • kmp-website-initialiser
  • KMP Website Initialiser is a template package for structuring your website’s home directory. It comes preloaded with useful files, for example a dynamic and feature packed coming soon and maintenance page; built with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • This project is no longer available to the public.

  • A web based project utilising Firebase's Cloud Firestore Database and ipify API.

  • Allows quick impersonation of emails from Salesforce cases and users profile on Explorer Hub.
  • During my tenure at New Relic, I identified a crucial gap in our technical support workflow when transitioning from Zendesk to Salesforce. The absence of a seamless customer impersonation feature posed a challenge for employees accustomed to the convenience of a single click in Zendesk.

  • To address this, I developed an internal JavaScript tool. This tool intelligently reads the current Salesforce page, scans for the customer's email address, and, upon retrieval, seamlessly triggers the New Relic API to facilitate impersonation. This innovation not only resolved a critical pain point but also enhanced the efficiency of our technical support teams.

  • As an additional enhancement, I extended the functionality of the tool to include scanning New Relic's community forum, Explorer Hub. This meant that when a New Relic employee accessed a customer's profile on Explorer Hub, they gained the ability to seamlessly impersonate that customer with a single click.

  • For a commendation on this tool, please see my LinkedIn recommendation from Brenn Kucey.


  • A video project that showcases diversity within Mastercard Ireland. Mastercard's Dublin office held the company's first ever annual Intercultural Day in 2018. The video shows Mastercard employees saying "We Are Mastercard" in their native languages/Dialects (myself included). Using my skills and equipment, I contributed to the event by directing, filming and editing the entire project. I used Sony Vegas, Photoshop and After Effects for post-production.
    Here's a great article about the 2019 Intercultural Day at Mastercard Dublin.

Kingsley Media Productions


  • Saint Kevin’s College
  • NFQ Level 5 certified in CITXX Information Technology
  • Computer Programming & Multimedia
  • 2013 → 2014


I am a curious and tech-savvy enthusiast with a passion for tinkering — whether it is repairing smart devices or building custom PCs. In my free time, you will find me immersed in developing impactful open-source projects, honing my video editing skills, exploring new places through travel, and enjoying the thrill of playing football for my club.


  • Tech YouTuber
  • FAI Kick Start 1 certified soccer coach
  • Full Irish Driving Licence